Slate Trivet - Puffin

Slate Trivet - Puffin


One slate trivet with scratch-less backing . Features an iconic Newfoundland puffin. Measures 15cm x 15cm and 0.75cm thick. Sourced and produced in Newfoundland.

As one of the world's most durable natural products, slate has been used for centuries covering roofs and floors. Easily maintained, you can clean your slate product with a soft cloth and soapy water.

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Artist Biography
Images in Slate started its humble beginnings in 1996 as the idea of two brothers, John and Chris Hurley of Newfoundland, Canada. From their parents' two-car garage in North River, this family run operation was busy hand crafting coasters from 500 million year old slate.

While it has outgrown the family garage, today Images in Slate still prides itself on quality hand craftsmanship paying careful attention to preserving the natural beauty and distinction of their 500 million year old slate products.