Newfoundland and Labrador Flag Bumper Stick

Newfoundland and Labrador Flag Bumper Stick


The flag of Newfoundland and Labrador, designed by Christopher Pratt, was introduced in 1980 and has been the official flag of the province ever since. 

This bumper sticker measures at approximately 4 1/2" tall and 7" wide. 

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Newfoundland and Labrador Flag:
The colours chosen for the design have broad symbolic meaning. The blue represents the sea, the white represents the snow and ice of winter, the red represents the effort and struggle the province has been through, and the gold represents confidence for the future.

The blue triangles pay tribute to the Union Jack and the British heritage of the province. The two red triangles represent the two distinct portion of the province, the island & the mainland. The gold arrow points towards a brighter future. The red triangles and gold arrow also form a trident, symbolizing the province’s long dependence on the sea.