Newfoundland and Labrador Sayings Frosted Shot Glass

Newfoundland and Labrador Sayings Frosted Shot Glass


A Heritage Shop exclusive, this shot glass features some popular sayings common to local dialect. Good for a shot of Newfoundland 'culture'. Measures 2.25'' high by 1.75'' in diametre.

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Sayings from Newfoundland and Labrador:

GOOD DAY ON CLOTHES: A good day to put clothes on the line to dry; either sunny or windy.
TOO BIG FOR YOUR BRITCHES: Refers to a person who is assuming too much authority or has a big ego.
LONG MAY YOUR BIG JIB DRAW: A good wish for the future.
AWFUL NICE DAY: An exceptionally or remarkably nice day (usually refers to weather).
SHE’S GONE B’Y SHE’S GONE: Refers to anything that is broken, used up, finished.
A FINE MUG UP: A cup or mug of tea and a snack between main meals; a snack break.
RAIN, DRIZZLE, & FOG: The typical state of weather in the province, also known as RDF.
YA FOOLISH GOMMEL: Refers to a silly or foolish person.
A FINE KETTLE OF FISH: A difficult situation or a bind, to make a mess of affairs.
COOKIN’ UP A SCOFF: Preparing a large traditional cooked meal, often followed by a “SCUFF” or dance.
SAUCY AS A CRACKIE: Refers to a person who is snappy or nasty, who snaps back an answer
ANY MUMMERS ‘LOUD IN?: Mummers are people dressed up in costumes who visit at Christmas time.
BIRCH BROOM IN THE FITS: Refers to a person’s messy hair, “Like a birch broom in the fits”.
HOW YA GETTIN’ ON?: A casual greeting meaning “How are things going?”.
CROOKED AS SIN: Refers to a person who is very bad-tempered and cranky.