Rune Hat - "Born and Bred"

Rune Hat - "Born and Bred"


This 100% wool cap features ancient runes spelling out "Born and Bred". A unique way of showing your Newfoundland pride! Fits an average sized adult head. Made in Newfoundland.

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Artist Biography
Christine LeGrow has been knitting for many years, turning local wool into mitts, hats, socks and other designs. Her focus in running Spindrift has been to maintain a connection to a precious craft critical to local culture. With an emphasis on quality and tradition, Spindrift aims to keep the heritage of knitting in Newfoundland alive and well. The company even involves her family – you’ll find designs from her children, Derrick and Laurie, among the many items available.

Spindrift uses raw wool from local farmers for each and every item. The raw wool is then knitted with great care for quality and consistency. The designs include everything from original patterns to numerous traditional designs handed down through generations. Spindrift’s hand knit items take advantage of the great features of wool, including natural warmth, durability and sustainability. 

Spindrift Handknits is based in Outer Cove, NL.