At Ocean's Edge

At Ocean's Edge


In 1861, life at Cape Spear lighthouse was isolated and harsh, but young Ellen Cantwell can't imagine living anywhere else. Her parents want to send her to school in St. John's, but she doesn't want to go. Now her cousin Tom is visiting, to tell Ellen about life in St. John's. But, suddenly, two ships are in trouble in the waters just off the Cape. Will the Cantwell men be able to save the men on the boat? Will Ellen Cantwell ever forget what she has seen?

At Ocean's Edge is based on the actual Cantwell family who lived at Cape Spear in 1861. It follows the dramatic events that unfold when two ships anchored off Cape Spear get into trouble, one breaking apart on the rocks the next day. The events depict tragedy and heroism, and offer unique details of the daily life of nineteenth century lighthouse keeps and their families.

ISBN: 1-894294-63-7
Author: Susan Chalker Brown
Illustrator: Mel D'Souza
Publisher: Tuckamore Books
34 Pages

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