Ambrose from Heart's Delight - Collectible Mummer Ornament

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Ambrose from Heart's Delight - Collectible Mummer Ornament


These delightful ornaments make a great collectors item. Standing about 5.25" tall, this ornament features a a colourful mummer playing the squeezebox! 

Ambrose from Heart's Delight was the very first Mummer's the Word figurine and was released in 2008.

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Mummers the Word:
Max Dorey and Cara Kansala of the Grumpy Goat Gallery have partnered with Living Rooms to produce a line of collectible mummers based on their own original woodcarvings. Each original design is carefully handcrafted and carved in wood, and then reproduced as a limited edition figurine. Smaller ornaments are also available based on the figurine designs.

Each mummer has its own story – hand signed, numbered and given a name and outport community to call home. The mummers represent a connection to a heartfelt part of the culture of rural Newfoundland and Labrador. The mummers are as unique as the culture that provides their inspiration.

Mummering History
During the twelve days of Christmas, people would disguise themselves with old articles of clothing and visit the homes of their friends and neighbours – a tradition known as “Mummering.” They would cover their faces with a hood, scarf, mask or pillowcase and sing, dance and play musical instruments at each house they visited. As they played, everyone in the home would start guessing the identity of each dressed up person, who would then remove their masks. Mummering has been a tradition since the migration to Newfoundland from England and Ireland and still can be found in parts of the province today.