Inukshuk Carving (Anorthosite)

Inukshuk Carving (Anorthosite)


Beautiful Anorthosite Inukshuk carving. The 'Blue Eyes' Anorthosite was quarried in Northern Labrador, and has beautiful blue flashes of Labradorite as your view the piece from different angles! Inukshuks were used by Inuit travelers to guide them across the treeless tundra of the Canadian artic. Measured at approximately 3.8 inches high. The carving, hand crafted here in Newfoundland by Nancy Rogers, would make a great conversation piece about Canadian heritage. 

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'Blue Eyes' Anorthosite:
'Blue Eyes' is quarried by the Inuit in Northern Labrador, who practice environmental and cultural stewardship with their mining operation. 'Blue Eyes' comes in various colour grades, but the enclosed Labradorite crystals are always of exceptional colour and clarity. 

About the Artist:
Nancy Rogers creates one of a kind jewelry pieces and carvings using semi-precious stones. Her specialty is creating one of a kind jewelry pieces using Labradorite obtained exclusively from Northern Labrador. Nancy's careful selection and cutting of the Labradorite and Anorthosite brings out the stunning range of colours to be found in this stone.