Botanical Bath Soak

Botanical Bath Soak


There's no better way to relax than with a nice hot bath with all natural scented bath soak. Have some time to yourself and exfoliate your skin with the Partridgeberry or Blueberry scents. Made here in Newfoundland by Indigena. Packages are 80 grams.

To Use: Measure half a package of bath soak and sprinkle in a hot bath.

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Brightening dried berry extracts from Partridgeberry and Squashberry gently exfoliate the skin. With Wintergreen and Peppermint this soak smells like candy cane and Christmas. Hydrating, awakening, cooling and exfoliating.
Ingredients: Sea Salt/Sel de mer, Vaccinium Vitis-Idea, Viburnum Edule, Gaultheria Procumbens, Mentha Piperta

Perfect for sensitive and problematic skin types, the blueberry powder helps to calm the redness in skin. Reduces redness in skin, hydrating and exfoliating.
Ingredients: Sea Salt/Sel de Mer, Vaccinium Angustiolium, Citrus Sinesis