Contests & Awards

Design & Story Contest

To kick-off the heritage fair season, students are invited to enter the Design & Story Contest.  Two winning contest submissions are chosen from each region, junior division (Grades 4 - 8), and senior division (Grades 9 -12). Both winners in each region receive a cash prize $50. An overall provincial winner is selected and receives a cash prize of $200 plus their winning design is featured on the official heritage fair t-shirt. Contest deadline is December 1, 2019.

The theme for 2019 - 2020 is “Our Environment: Past and Present”.
1. Choose a topic related to the theme that is important to you
2. In a paragraph or two tell us why this topic is important in Newfoundland and Labrador history                                                                                 
3. Draw an image (in the space provided) representing the story you have written

Possible topics related to the theme include but are not limited to:

  • Why a species in NL is now extinct or endangered?

  • The importance of an Historic Site in NL?

  • How a natural landform in NL shaped settlement?

  • How a community’s location shaped its culture?

  • How a natural resource in NL shaped a community or industry?

  • How did we protect and conserve our environment in the past?

  • Unique traditions in your community?

  • How your ancestors’ origins shaped you own customs?

  • How a major event in NL changed a community environment?

  • How a government policy changed a community environment?

  • How has the environment of NL shaped structures in the province?

Sponsored Awards

Each year, provincial organizations, associations, individuals, and businesses sponsor awards that can be won at each of the regional heritage fairs in the province. Sponsors have included The Rooms, Parks Canada, Heritage Foundation, Wooden Boat Museum, Museum Association, NL Public Libraries, Historic Sites Association, Island Rooms of Petty Harbour, Canadian Foundation for Economic Education, Department of Education and early Childhood Development, Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry, and Innovation, and many more.

Sponsored awards are awarded based on the relevance of the student project to the mandate of the sponsoring body. For example, students who show an exemplary use of library resources may receive an award from NL Public Libraries. Many of the sponsored awards are accompanied by a cash prize and certificate, however other prizes are often available.

Ambassador Award Program

To be considered for the Ambassador Award Program, a students’ heritage fair project must be associated with Newfoundland and Labrador’s role in WWI. Nineteen outstanding projects are selected at regional heritage fairs across the province by students from grades 7 - 12. Students selected for the award will receive a trip to Europe to visit Beaumont-Hamel for the annual July 1st ceremony. While in Europe, they will also participate in a battlefield tour of Northern France and Belgium. The students visit significant sites where the Royal Newfoundland Regiment fought and explore the communities that house the Royal Newfoundland Regiment monuments and memorials.

The Ambassador Award Program is administered through a partnership between the Historic Sites Association of NL, the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, and the Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry, and Innovation’s Honour 100 Program.