Thomas Doucet: Hero of Plaisance

Thomas Doucet: Hero of Plaisance


It's 1696, and Pierre Le Moyne D'Iberville is marching across the Avalon Peninsula, attacking English settlements. Young Thomas Doucet of Plaisance listens in awe to the stories of daring and adventure. Suddenly, the unexpected happens and Thomas finds himself in the spotlight.

Thomas Doucet - Hero of Plaisance tells the true story of the D'lberville's raids through the eyes of imaginary characters. Besides Thomas and his sister Madeline, we meet Nicolas Chevalier, who attends school with the Recollet Fathers. And then there's Mali, the little Mi'kmaw girl, who ventures too far into the ice river.

Discover how a famous French soldier turns like upside down in Plaisance during the winter of 1696-1697, and how an ordinary boy becomes a local hero. 

ISBN: 1-894294-76-9
Author: Susan Chalker Brown
Illustrator: Heather Maloney
Publisher: Tuckamore Books
41 Pages

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