The Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (HSA) is a non-profit and charitable organization lead by a volunteer board of directors, with a mandate to present the province’s history and heritage. 

HSA Honours Heritage Achievements

HSA Honours Heritage Achievements

The 22nd Manning Awards for Excellence in the Public Presentation of Historic Places were presented March 17th at a ceremony held at the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland. Through the Manning Awards, the Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (HSA), recognizes and celebrates the work of individuals, communities, and organizations in preserving and presenting Newfoundland and Labrador’s history and heritage.

Dr. Jo Shawyer - Outstanding Heritage Supporter

Dr. Jo Shawyer’s tireless work has had a lasting impact on the historic presentation of local communities, the quality of our province’s museums, and the understanding of our agricultural heritage. The creativity, accessibility and high standards of her work has led to many successful projects that engaged the Newfoundland and Labrador public with the province’s unique heritage. A geographer by profession, she was an inspiring teacher and lecturer for decades of students at Memorial University. Her work with the Museum Association of NL led to increased professional standards for museum development in the province. As a founding member of the Agricultural History Society of NL she has advanced the knowledge of Newfoundland and Labrador’s farming past. Jo Shawyer has shared her skills through tireless archival research and interviews, historical editing, exhibit creation, public lectures, numerous publications, teaching, and so much more. Her nomination for Outstanding Heritage Supporter was accompanied by overwhelming accolades from her peers. It is time that Dr. Jo Shawyer is personally recognized for her outstanding contributions to the presentation of Newfoundland and Labrador’s cultural landscape

Hebron Mission Restoration - Nunatsiavut Government

For 7000 years Hebron has been an important cultural hub for Inuit and pre-Inuit peoples. The establishment of the Morvian Mission Station in 1830 brought modern education, health care and trade to the community, but required the indoctrination of the population in Protestant beliefs. For 130 years, the people of Hebron formed close ties to their land and each other. The devastating impact of the Mission’s sudden closure in 1959, and the relocation of the population, lead to extended families being ripped apart and widespread poverty. The Nunatsiavut Government has recently completed preservation of the main mission building, which housed the church, school, store and missionary quarters. Stabilization of the building was a complex undertaking but, once completed, allowed restoration work to begin.  Detailed research was conducted to ensure the restoration was historically accurate, and was completed by Inuit carpenters trained in special heritage construction techniques. With the completion of the main mission building restoration, an Inuit family has been located on site to act as caretakers and ambassadors sharing the story of Hebron. For their work presenting this history with International connections, the Historic Sites Association has recognized the Nunatsiavut Government with a 2016 Manning Award in the International Category.

Sealers Memorial - Home from the Sea Foundation

For hundreds of years seal hunting has provided much needed food and supplies for Newfoundland and Labrador families, but not without demanding great sacrifices in return. Always a risky activity, the 1914 Sealing Disaster truly exemplifies the hardships and risks hunters undertook to eke out a living.  The Home from the Sea Foundation decided to create a memorial to the souls lost in the disaster and also to present a vocation that had a huge impact on the province’s culture and heritage. The Sealers Memorial presents a moving memorial to sealers and brings to life the sealers and their stories. For their work presenting the important provincial history of sealing, the Historic Sites Association has recognized the Home from the Sea Foundation with a 2016 Manning Award in the Provincial Category.

Prime Berth Fishing Heritage Centre - David and Christine Boyd


A personal dream of owner David Boyd, Prime Berth stands as a repository of personal history on Newfoundland’s inshore fishery. Built with the care and hard work of Mr. Boyd, and the support of his wife, Christine, and friends, the privately run interpretive fishing centre offers a large collection of fishery artifacts, hand-built exhibits, a historic photo gallery, and personal writings. One aspect that truly sets Prime Berth apart from other museums is their authentic fishery experiences. Visitors can join ‘Captain Dave’ on the water to try their hand at cod and squid jigging, mackerel hauling, and lobster trap baiting. Afterwards, they can watch a demonstration on how to gut and clean cod in the ‘cod splitting show’ and later be entertained by local folk songs. Through it all, Mr. Boyd shares personal stories and local history, putting a very human face to the Newfoundland fishery. For their work sharing the Newfoundland fishery with tourists and locals alike, the Historic Sites Association has recognized David and Christine Boyd of Prime Berth for their project in the Provincial Category.

Pouch Cove Our Home by the Sea - Pouch Cove Heritage Society

What started as a small book project of the Pouch Cove Heritage Society, Our Home by the Sea quickly grew into a treasured local resource. Prior to the publication of Our Home by the Sea, there was no comprehensive written history of Pouch Cove. The book committee reached out to the local population for information to include in the project and were overwhelmed by the response they received. Material for the book grew to include over 30 interviews and 700 donated photographs. The final project is a 186 page publication dealing with a wide range of local topics including: settlement of the town, historic figures, significant events, cultural activities, and economic practices. Through sales of this book the Pouch Cove Heritage Society has achieved financial sustainability and the town has seen a renewed sense of pride and interest in history from its citizens. For their work documenting the history of their community, the Historic Sites Association has recognized the Pouch Cove Heritage Society with a 2016 Manning Award in the Community Category.

"Fleming" - Basilica Heritage Foundation

Bishop Michael Fleming was an influential figure in 19th century Newfoundland. Responsible for the construction of the Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and the expansion of institutional Catholicism in Newfoundland, Fleming was also a powerful political figure of the time. The dynamic and colorful charter of Fleming is the focus of the interpretive theatre piece developed by the Basilica Heritage Foundation. The play is set in the 1849 amongst the busy construction of the Basilica. The audience is lead through the basilica grounds and interior as ‘Fleming’ talks about the work that went into building the Basilica, its design features, and his own contributions to the province.  For their project presenting the historical figure Fleming and the history of the Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the Historic Sites Association has recognized the Basilica Heritage Foundation with a 2016 Manning Award in the Community Category.

To learn more about the Manning Awards, or view past recipients, please visit: Manning Awards

22nd Manning Awards Ceremony

22nd Manning Awards Ceremony

Dr. Paul O'Neill Scholarship

Dr. Paul O'Neill Scholarship