2019 marks 22 years of Heritage Fairs in this province.  The Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Fairs Program began in 1997 as part of a national initiative to bring history to life for students.  Directly linked to school curricula, Heritage Fairs allows students to showcase their history and heritage projects, using a variety of mediums.  Students present their projects at school fairs and outstanding projects are advanced to a regional fair.  Regional or provincial fairs are held in every Canadian province and territory each spring. Six regional fairs are held each year in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Since 1997, the Historic Sites Association has been pleased to partner with the Department of Education and School Boards in Newfoundland and Labrador to manage the annual Heritage Fairs program for the benefit of our students:

  • over 131,947 NL students have participated in the program

  • the program has attracted over 409,682 visitors

  • it has involved more than 17,905 volunteers who have enabled the Program to run in up to 8 regions covering the entire province

  • students have been awarded thousands of prizes

  • 167 students have travelled to many areas of Canada to represent our province at the National Fair (which was discontinued in 2008)

  • 9 NL students travelled to Ottawa to attend a National Youth Forum as Young Citizens

  • 74 NL students travelled to Europe as a part of the Ambassador Program

  • 14 Teachers travelled to Europe as chaperones for the Ambassador Program

The Bronfman Foundation launched the Heritage Fair Program in 1993.  In 1999 the program moved to the Historica Foundation. Historica’s mandate was to provide new tools, resources and perspectives to help teachers in their mission to bring history to life. Expert historians, education specialists, business people and students formed the National Council.  In 2009 Canada’s History took the lead role in the Heritage Fairs nationally and can be seen online at canadashistory.ca.

For more information about the Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage Fair Program please contact:

Andrea MacDonald
Provincial Coordinator, NL Heritage Fairs