2018 - 2019 Design & Story Contest Winners

Provincial Winner


Tang the Hero by Shannon Mouland


Tang was a Newfoundland dog that saved 92 people from a sinking ship. A horrible storm is what made the ship start to sink in December, 1919. The ship was called the Ethie and it crashed into rocks off the shore of Newfoundland. One sailor took a rope, jumped into the ocean, and tried to swim to short with the rope in hand. The sailor was never seen again. The captain knew that Tang was their last hope, so he gave the rope to Tang. Tang, with the rope in his teeth, jumped into the water and swam to shore. The huge waves and strong winds must have made it hard for Tang, but he still fought to save many lives. The undertow tried to drag him down, water rushed into his ears and eyes, but still he pushed himself to make it to shore. People on the land grabbed the rope and tied it to something strong. The rope was used to bring people from the ship to land. Everyone besides the sailor was saved thanks to Tang."

- 2018 - 2019 Provincial Winner: Tang the Hero By Shannon Mouland, Age 14, Grade 9, Gill Memorial Academy

Regional Winners


Winning designs from each region

  • Avalon Junior Division: Truxton and Pollux by Emily Taite, Grade 6, Mary Queen of Peace Elementary

  • Avalon Senior Division: Cluney MacPherson by Oscar Bernabe, Grade 11, St. Kevin’s High

  • Burin Junior Division: Emile Benoit by Nathan Hannom, Grade 5, Sacred Heart Academy

  • Central Junior Division: Royal Newfoundland Regiment by Lilly Burry, Grade 7, Riverwood Academy

  • Central Senior Division: John Shiwak by Simone MacDonald, Grade 9, St. Peter’s All Grade

  • Labrador Junior Division: Shanawdithit and Cabot by Madison Shea, Grade 8, Eric G. Lambert

  • Labrador Senior Division: Grenfell by Monica Rumbolt, Grade 9, St. Lewis Academy

  • Western Junior Division: William Jackman by Gabriel Lushman, Grade 6, All Saints All Grade

  • Western Senior Division: Tommy Ricketts by Kailey Bartlett, Grade 9, M.S.B. Regional Academy

  • Vista Junior Division: Frances Cluett by Summer King, Grade 5, Random Island Academy