Community Category: "English Harbour Arts Centre", a project of the English Harbour Arts Association, who preserved the built-heritage of All Saints Anglican Church, and re-purposed the restored building into a thriving centre, fostering art and traditional culture of the area.

Community Catergory: St. Gabriel's Hall Event Centre, a project of St. Gabriel’s Hall Inc., who restored St. Gabriel’s Hall to its original historic design and returned the hall to its cultural role as a prominent events centre in the region.

Provincial Category: Trails Tales Tunes Festival, a 10-day festival created by Shirley Montague and the Trails Tales Tunes Festival Committee, which showcases the culture and heritage of the province through guided group hikes, family experiences, traditional workshops, and musical performances.

Outstanding Heritage Supporter: Linda White, recognized for her great personal contributions to preserving the history of Greenspond.

Community Category: "Marystown Heritage Museum", established by the Marystown Heritage Museum Corporation, the museum presents the heritage and shipbuilding past of Marystown and Mortier Bay, and actively engages the community in this rich history.

Community Category: Heart's Content Regional Centre for the Arts, a project by the Mizzen Heritage Society, who restored the historic Heyfield Memorial Church, and have contributed greatly to the preservation of Heart’s Content’s unique history.

Provincial Category: Preservation of Lightstation Heritage, a personal project of artist Leslie Noseworthy where he created original paintings of the province's lightstations and made them accessible to the public and future generations to come.