"Lessons from Our Past, Shaping Our Future"
"Les Leçons de Notre Passé, Façonnent Notre Avenir"

The HSA received 364 entries from students from Grade 4 to Level III. Each participant was required to submit an original piece of artwork and an essay about their artwork.


Provincial Winner

  • 8 winners were chosen from two age divisions and received $50 prizes.
  • 1 overall winner received a $200 prize and will have their design featured on the spring 2018 Heritage Fair t-shirt.
Hundreds of years ago people grew vegetables because there were no grocery stores to buy them. Families grew corn and carrots because they were healthy for them. Nearly everybody had their own garden. The whole family had to help out. The children had to water the vegetables. Today families are sharing the old tradition by growing organic and healthy foods. It is so nice that we are using my great grandfather’s land to continue our own French’s family tradition.

Provincial Winner
My Vegetable Garden Today by Luke French
Grade 4, Amalgamated Academy

Avalon Winner - Junior Division
Pine Marten by Lauren Ingerman
Grade 6, Tricon Elementary

Back then people hunted the pine marten to almost the death. But the thing that made them endangered is they cut down the pine tree and the forests. So nowadays people have to get a license and now there are some forests that you are not allowed to cut down trees. So I think that would be a lesson learned from the past.

Central Winner - Junior Division
Collapse of the Cod Stock by Jessica Aylward
Grade 7, St. Gabriel's All-Grade

My design is representing one of the biggest industries in NL, fishing. The design is showing how the cod stocks collapsed due to over harvesting, this being a lesson to us all that it is important for rules and regulations to be made, dealing with this large industry. This lesson will ensure that cod stocks will be conserved for years to come.

Western Winner - Junior Division
Les Leçons de Notre Passé, Façonnent Notre Avenir
by Maggie Barter, Grade 8, École Sainte-Anne

Dans mon dessin j’ai dessiner une école résidentielle, les symbols des Béothuk, puis Trudeau qui s’est excusé au people autochtone. J’ai incorperée toute cela parce que ça réprésente que au-par avant, nous avons mis les people autochtone dans des école résidentielle, puis maintenant, on a eu une excuse du premier ministre et nous avons aussi notre propre petit symbole qui nous répresente comme une people acceptée au Canada.

Labrador Winner - Junior Division
Reading Together by Michaela Hodder
Grade 8, Eric G. Lambert School

In this picture, to match the theme of “Lessons from Our Past, Shaping Our Future”, there is a grandmother and granddaughter that are reading together. The woman is teaching the girl about what it was like for her growing up and what it was like for the girl’s mother. She is going through photos to show her what things were like. The grandmother is helping to guide her granddaughter to keep her respectful in the future.

Avalon Winner - Senior Division
La Génerosité des Habitants au Terre-Neuve
by Aliceyn Warren, Grade 9, Holy Spirit High School

Après la crise de le 11 Septembre au les Élate-Unis, Terre-Neuve a jover un role très grand. Les habitants à Gander a accueillir des persons avec les bras ouvert. Aussi, plusieurs base des était construit pour de l’armée de l’air. Aujourd’hui, un pièce de théâtre nomée “Come From Away” a montré la hospitalité des habitants a Gander, Terre-Neuve et Labrador

Central Winner - Senior Division
Resettlement by Elizabeth Mullins
Grade 9, King Academy

The meaning and historical significance of my design is things from the past such as the houses that were resettled are still used today. I know many people that live in houses that were resettled. This shaped our future because there are still some places today that are trying to be resettled because the population is very low.

Western Winner - Senior Division
3 Wharf Road by Sara Curtis
Grade 12, Templeton Academy

This is an old house located in my hometown of McIvers. Since a young child I remember admiring this old house and how it showed me a glimpse of the beauty of houses in old rural Newfoundland. This house has recently been bought by people from here who live away, using this house as a summer home. Like me, these people admired this old house exactly for what it was, so they let both the interior and exterior remain looking the same, keeping old Newfoundland culture alive for years to come.
Vista Winner -  Senior Division    Into the Big Sea  by  Jill White  Grade 12, Bishop White School

Vista Winner - Senior Division
Into the Big Sea by Jill White
Grade 12, Bishop White School

For many years in rural Newfoundland young boys have been taught the fishing trade by their fathers, grandfathers and other people in the community. My picture shows a young boy learning to fish with his father in a small, traditional fishing boat. In the other part it shows the boy taking those skills and becoming the captain of a big boat when he gets older. I was inspired to draw this because there was a boy in my community who grew up on the water with his family. He took what he learned and became a captain after studying nautical science. Now he is travelling the world and still learning many new things.