Community Category: "Fleming" by the Basilica Heritage Foundation, a theatrical performance presenting the history of the Basilica Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and that of Bishop Michael Fleming.

Provincial Catergory: Prime Berth Fishing Heritage Centre, a private museum of David and Christine Boyd, engaging visitors through fishery artifacts, first-hand fishing experiences, hand-built exhibits, and local stories and songs.

International Category: Hebron Mission Restoration, an extensive project by the Nuntsiavut Government, restoring the Moravian mission building and presenting the important impact Hebron had on the Inuit people.

Community Category: "Pouch Cove: Our Home by the Sea", a publication by the Pouch Cove Heritage Society capturing the history of their community, including: settlement, historic figures, significant events and culture.

Provincial Category: Sealers Memorial, a museum and memorial by the Home from the Sea Foundation, sharing the important provincial heritage of sealing, and the commemorating the 1914 Sealing Disaster.

Outstanding Heritage Supporter: Dr. Jo Shawyer, recognized for her great personal contributions to NL's heritage especially through improving the quality of our province’s museums and our understanding of our agricultural heritage.