The HSA received 292 entries from students ranging from Grades 4 – 9. Each participant was required to submit an original piece of artwork and an essay about their artwork.

  • 8 regional winners received $50 prizes
  • 1 overall winner received a $100 prize and will have their design featured on the spring 2015 Heritage Fair t-shirt.

Provincial Winner
In Their Footsteps by Isabella Ryan
Age: 10, Grade 5
Sacred Heart Academy

Provincial Winner

I would like to follow my great-grandmother’s footsteps! Nanny Murray always hung her clothes on the line to dry. On a nice day, it was so much fun to run through the freshly washed sheets that were drying in the sun. When Nanny was hanging the clothes, she always had to look for the clothes pins because they were in mine and my sister’s hair! When Nanny Murray was inside her house my sister and I would hang the mops up on the line and then try and get them down. Nanny Murray has passed away but now my grandmother Nanny Marg puts her laundry on the line, too. I hope to follow in my great-grandmother’s footsteps by continuing the NL tradition of hanging clothes on the line.

Avalon Winner
Memory Cabin by Cameron Pretty
Age: 10, Grade 4
Acreman Elementary

In the 1960s it was time for Newfoundlanders to relocate. At the harbour in Centreville people made their way to the wharf to relocate the house. Families towed and pushed their homes by boat or loaded them on a government resettlement barge. The year after a fire destroyed everything. They came to a dock in Fair Island and many people settled there.
Labrador East Winner   Our Culture by  Alica Jararuse  Age: 11, Grade 6 Amos Comenius Memorial School

Labrador East Winner
Our Culture by Alica Jararuse
Age: 11, Grade 6
Amos Comenius Memorial School

My stamp shows two Inuit people hunting. They are caribou hunting, fishing and gathering gull eggs. There’s a young girl sitting in the tent watching her mom fish so that she can learn. It’s very important to learn from our ancestors.

Nova/Central Winner
Traditions by Jillian Rice
Age: 10, Grade 5
Memorial Academy

Fishing: Fishing is the activity of trying to catch fish. Fishing is done in the sea, or in a lake or river, and by boat or on the shore.
Hunting: Hunting is an age old tradition, pre-dating all current humans on this planet. Mankind has hunted since we first began to walk the Earth and still do now!
Making Warmth: People would make warmth by lighting camp fires by clicking two rocks together to make a spark over firewood to create fire!
Making Shelter: People made shelter to protect them from the coldness and harsh weather. They would use wood, fabric, and animal fur to create shelter.
A lot of these things we still do now and very much enjoy!

Vista Winner
Following in their Footsteps by Katie Kelly
Age: 11, Grade 5
Southwestarm Academy

I tried to show life as it was back then as compared to now. I focused on the ocean and how important the ocean is in Newfoundland and Labrador’s history. Many people in our province have followed in our forbearers’ footsteps and still make their livelihood on the ocean. For some this is still through fishing and for others through our oil and gas industry such as Hibernia.

Burin Winner
In Their Footsteps by Carter Prior
Age: 10, Grade 5
Sacred Heart Academy

Once upon a time there were codfish. In 1541, the Basque fishermen came to Spanish Room, NL to fish the cod. They fished here during the summer and fall months. They salted the fish to ‘cure it’ (preserve it until it reached Spain and Portugal). This form of salting was of Spanish grade, hence, the name of our community of Spanish Room. My great-great-great-grandfather settled here in 1837 to fish the cod. Today not one fisherperson in Spanish Room is fishing the cod.

Labrador West Winner
Building the Future by Nathan Shattler
Age: 13, Grade 8
Menihek High School

I decided to make my image about the wars because the wars really interest me and my great-great-grandfather was in World War I. I drew three people walking up steps. The first guy represents a World War I soldier that is building a path for the others and everybody else is just following in his footsteps and strengthening the path. The tank and the plane are a picture of the equipment that they used in the war.

Straits Winner
Snowshoes by Taylor Groves
Age: 13, Grade 8
Labrador Straits Academy

In my picture I drew an old man showing his grandson how to make snowshoes. This shows “Following in their Footsteps” because he is passing on the skills in the younger generation to do as they did and to follow in their footsteps.

Western Winner
The Way of Life by Amber Courtney
Age: 14, Grade 9
St. Simon and St. Jude Academy

Fishing was a big deal, especially in Newfoundland. My image shows a man holding a fish up to the sky. The sky is many colors which represents those who came before us. Fishing was a significant part of our history, and it still is a part of life today. We are walking in their footsteps.