Naalbinding DVD and Kit


Naalbinding DVD and Kit


With this kit you can create Naalbinded items the same way the Norse did over 1000 years ago. Made in Newfoundland.

This kit contains:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Video demonstrations
  • Knitting sample
  • Replica bone needle
  • Single Needle Knitting Patterns
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A form of traditional Viking knitting (one-needle knitting). The earliest example of Nalbinding is the discovery of a mitten from an archaeological dig at an ancient Norse site in Asle Mose, Sweden, dated to the 3rd and 4th Century. There are over 1000 known stitches which may be used in this technique. It is a textile process where the material is produced in a darning technique with a course needle and a length of plied yarn, and where the thread of the new stitch is passed arbitrarily through at least two unfinished thread loops of arbitrary size.  Except in those forms that look like cross knitting, it does not unravel like knitting or crocheting, as the thread is drawn entirely through each stitch.