...loose change in your pocket could save your life?


Newfoundland has inherited a rich folklore tradition from it's English and Celtic roots. One such 'tale' is that of the fairies. The Newfoundland fairy is not a cute, lovable creature. It likes to play tricks and often it tries to lead people astray when they’re out in the woods.


Silver is known to ward off fairies, and as the Newfoundland five-cent piece was the lowest denomination of silver, it was the easiest for people to part with. The five-cent piece was sewn into clothing to offer protection. It was especially important in children's clothing and inside of cribs. Fairies loved taking children and leaving a changling in their place.

The Heritage Shops carry a large selection of collectible Newfoundland coins.  Why not give a journeying friend or new couple a five-cent piece to protect them on their way?