Trigger Mittens

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Trigger Mittens


These gorgeous mittens will keep your hands warm and functional for winters to come! Handknit in Newfoundland, the unique design of trigger mittens allows added mobility to your fingers while keeping your hands toasty. Especially popular with hunters and outdoor enthusiasts! 100% wool.

Special Care Instructions
Hand wash garments with a gentle soap and rinse until water runs clear. Squeeze the water out of item - do not wring the water out. Gently stretch the garment back to its original shape and size and allow air-drying.

Adult Size
Fits average adult male hands

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Artist Biography
Growing up in the fjords of the south coast of Newfoundland, Marie learned the art of knitting at the early age of five. Far from the convenience of shopping malls and fashion outlets, creation of premium wool clothing was a common place necessity among the family, friends and neighbors in south coast communities. Today, Marie brings those traditional skills and designs and a creative flare just as her ancestors did before her.

Marie has nurtured Marie's Knits from a solo venture to a cottage business employing 30 knitters offering traditional handcrafted fashions and modern machine knit styles. Maries knitwear is popular among adults and children both in her native Newfoundland and throughout North America.

Marie’s Knits is based in Clarenville, NL.