"Cantwell's Way" Conjoures Magic - Book Review

Cantwell’s Way: A Natural History of the Cape Spear Lightstation has received rave reviews, this time from Atlantic Books Today. James E. Candow’s book traces the personal history of one of Canada’s great light-keeping families. The very human story of the family is juxtaposed with technical details about the lightstation itself, now the oldest remaining in Newfoundland.

Reviewer Alec Bruce, says “When history meets exposition, the product can be illuminating, even enlightening. When it meets storytelling, it’s magic. Cantwells’ Way easily conjures the latter in the deft hands of author James Candow.”

In closing, Mr, Bruce believes Cantwell’s Way “belongs on the bookshelves of every sentient Atlantic Canadian.”

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Proceeds from each copy of Cantwell’s Way go towards funding the Historic Sites Association. This is made possible through James Candow’s generous donation of all book royalties.