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Essentially Joins “Mermaids in the City”

August 22, 2006 – Essentially Joins “Mermaids in the City”

Essentially Newfoundland & Labrador is proud to support this worthy cause – Mermaids in the City 2006.

Visit www.mermaidsinthecity.com

For more details, contact Andrea MacDonald (753-2568) or Jennifer Barnable (753-9262).

Visitors and locals have been enchanted by the sudden appearance of beautifully-painted mermaid statues in nooks and crannies around downtown St. John’s this summer. This is part of “Mermaids in the City,” a fundraising event for Easter Seals Newfoundland and Labrador, which supports children with physical disabilities.

Fifteen mermaids adorn the downtown sidewalks of St. John’s, complete with Mermaid Trail walking guide and Mermaids Passport. As part of the challenge, people are encouraged to find 10 of the 15 mermaids by visiting sponsor businesses such as The Fairmont, OZFM, Mile One Stadium and the HSA’s “Essentially” stores. Once inside these locations, people receive a special colour-coded stamp on their Mermaids Passport and can enter to win prizes.

Outside the Murray Premises Courtyard, right next to Essentially Water Street, is the mermaid “Terra Nova” decorated by Cara Kansala. Visit the Mermaid Gallery for photographs and read each mermaid’s story – or pick up a walking guide and follow the Mermaid Trail!